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$14.95 Trade Paperback

6 x 9

277 pages

ISBN: 9780972581127

Rights: SILO


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River is a heartbreaking journey of loss, love, and healing. It is a work not to be devoured, but savored for its quiet nature. It is a love song to the river and to those who pass away too quickly.”  Katie Glasgow, Mitchell Books, Fort Wayne, IN

 “Many reviewers will write that this or that book is so compelling ‘I could not put it down’ or ‘I was up all night reading.’ Lowen Clausen’s River is not that book. It should be slowly enjoyed like the long, solo kayak trip that is experienced within its pages. It is a tale to be savored for the bittersweet tale that unfolds, the heartbreaking humanity of the main character but most especially for the lovely  descriptions of the natural beauty and power of the rivers on which he paddles.”  Sue Zumberge, Garrison Keillor’s Common Good Books, St. Paul, MN

 “Lowen Clausen has written an exquisitely heart-breaking novel, with a soul as big as the eponymous River. After the death of his son, a father takes the river voyage he has always dreamed of. Starting out from his family farm on the headwaters in the Sandhills of Nebraska, his inner voyage takes him to new acceptance of the son he never said goodbye to in life, while he faces the solitude and challenges of the  river itself. The land plays as large a part of the story as do the people on the river.”  Tammy Domike, Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle, WA

 River is a restrained but heartfelt tale of repentance and redemption, following in the wake of Huckleberry Finn’s raft—swift, honest, sometimes scary—as a man leaves behind the successes and tragedies of his  life to live out a last promise to himself.”  Nick DiMartino, University Book Store, Seattle, WA

 “While most of his readers will never undertake the kind of journey that Clausen describes in River, in one way or another, readers will find parts of themselves and their own life journeys in this story and  enjoy traveling with the narrator on the river.”  Carolyn Statler, Three Sisters Books & Gifts, Shelbyville, IN 

 River is a magical Thoresque, picaresque journey beginning in Nebraska and ending nearly 2,000 miles away and, in many ways, years away in experiences. Clausen obviously has drawn from many personal experiences and writes with an easy lilt, with almost poetic descriptions. From  Wamaduze Creek, the Loup, Platte, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the story wends its way through beautiful scenes and carries the  author and reader through the riverside and a personal journey of  discovery at the same time.  Jim McKee, Lee Booksellers  Lincoln, NE 

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